A mirror, memory and perception are a very funny combination…

I started lifting weights at 15 as a hobby due to the friends I hung around with. It was during the Arnold and Sly Stallone days so it was the thing to do. I continued off/on for 20 years and have a very muscular frame for my size. It was never very balanced just pump iron and pretend to do a little cardio when the mood hit. It’s amazing what a muscular chest and big arms can do to hide a stomach and love handles. Due to the fact that I always lifted, people always assumed and commented on how good of shape I was in.

6 years ago I went to a new doctor for an annual check-up. Never having one, I figured at 35 it was time to see what the doctor thought. Long story short, after my exam I was told that I have high cholesterol (275 to be exact), high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic. I was 5’6”, 205lbs and in shock. I argued that I was heavy due to my muscular frame, but he was prepared for that and still told me I was too heavy. I argued that I lifted weights and worked out but he was prepared for that and told me I needed to change my diet, exercise program and lifestyle. Apparently being 35 but acting like 21 was not good for the body. At the time I also had 2 boys and he asked me a very direct question – Do you want to be around to see your boys grow into men? At 35 that was not a question I had thought of, but it haunted me.

I left his office with instructions to lose 20-30lbs, a prescription for Simvastatin and a lot on my mind. I had purchased Tony Horton’s P90x prior to that but never really pushed play past month 1. I decided to follow the Beachbody advice to Decide, Commit and Succeed. I started a 1 year fitness competition at my job with 10 other people, and did P90x twice that year. I also started jogging, doing other cardio based activities and decided to keep an on-line food journal. I never realized how much office snacking I did during the day. The amount of candies, cookies, treats, snacks and other junk that co-workers bring in is staggering once you pause and evaluate what goes in your mouth.

So what did all of this net me? At my next check-up a year later, I lost 25 lbs, my cholesterol dropped to 165 and my blood pressure and sugar were well within reason. I also discovered a passion for at home workout programs. I realized I could get a more intense workout in a shorter amount of time once you remove the commuting to a gym and socializing that happens.

Beachbody and their products helped me then and they continue to help me now. Over the past few years I have done P90X multiple times, Shaun T’s Insanity, all of Tony Horton’s One on One Series, Shaun T’s Asylum and I am an avid Shakeology drinker. They have helped me physically and are also helping me financially. I am a Beachbody Coach and am working towards financial independence. Beachbody provides all the tools to get you there, you just have to have the desire and keep pushing play.

I started this out with – a mirror, memory and perception are a funny combination. Prior to Beachbody I would look in the mirror and see what I thought was this healthy guy that lifted weights. I’d remember the athlete I was in school and think I was still that guy. You can talk yourself into any reality you want or you can really open your eyes and decide to make a change. That change can be physical, financial or both. Decide! Commit! Succeed! If you are ready to make that commitment, I’m more than happy to help you.