Shaun T’s Deluxe Upper Body Weight Training Review

So I just finished doing Shaun T’s Insanity Upper Body Weight Training and I’m left wondering – What just happened to me? How can I be this exhausted and drenched just from lifting weights?

Upper Body Weight Training comes with the Insanity ‘Deluxe’ package and is a weight-based program that gets the Insanity treatment.

Those of you that are not familiar with Insanity, can read my full review here.

When you order the Deluxe package, you get 3 additional DVD’s –

Upper Body Weight Training
MAX Interval Sports Training
Insane Abs

Usually when I lift weights, it’s do a rep, rest, do another rep, rest and it usually goes on like that for an hour. Shaun T has decided that the rest is overrated and I think he gives you a generous 5-6 minutes total in the 47 min workout.

After a ‘Warm-Up”, you will progress through 4 exercise segments which you repeat 3 times for reps of 12, 10, 8. The sequence of exercise’s in Upper Body Weight Training are –

Warm-up (2 Sets)

  • Speed Jog
  • Jump Rope
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Heisman
  • Power Hooks


Round 1 (3 Sets)

  • 360 Shoulder Press
  • Pulse Bicep Curls
  • In/Out Abs with a Tricep Pushup
  • Floor Sprints

Round 2 (3 Sets)

  • Squat Bicep Curls
  • 180 Lat Raises
  • Elevated Tricep Dips
  • Power Jumps

Round 3 (3 Sets)

  • Full Rotation Flies
  • Push up with a Front Raise
  • High Knee with a Twist

Round 4 (3 Sets)

  • Chest Press with Leg Raises
  • Bent Over Rows with Flies
  • Ski Abs

Then you get to pass out!

In all seriousness Upper Body Weight Training is a great lifting program. It’s pacing fits right in with Insanity and is a great compliment to that if you want to add it in 2-3 times a week. You not only get a lifting workout, but by the time it is over you know you burned a lot of calories and squeezed your cardio in as well.

Unlike the other Insanity programs, you will need some dumbells and a bench to get the most out of this workout. I highly recommend this and both of the other DVD’s in the deluxe package. The added variety will help you push play that much longer.

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Shaun T’s Insanity Review – Dig Deeper

You really have to question yourself when you knowingly decide to tackle a workout program named Insanity. I’m a P90X graduate and like to think I’m in pretty good shape, but the first time I tackled Shaun T’s Insanity, my body was in for a rude awakening.

Insanity is a 60-day at home extreme workout. It focuses on total body conditioning using the principle of Max Interval Training. The technical explanation of that is doing long burst of intense activity followed by short rest periods. A lot of traditional training are the opposite where they do short bust of intense exercise or longer but at a moderate pace. This is then broken up by long recovery periods. The technical explanation is fine, but all it really means is that you will work hard, sweat and curse Shaun T at certain times. I think the longest rest period you receive is 30 seconds. In some parts of the program, you don’t even get a break until after 20 minutes.

One of the great appeals to Insanity is that you don’t need any equipment. Your body, workout shoes and water are all you need. You also don’t need a tremendous amount of space. I travel a lot and I can do Insanity in most hotel rooms off my laptop.

As I mentioned, Insanity is designed for 60 days. Below is a brief description of the DVD’s –

The first month is designed to get your body use to the pace and intensity of Insanity. The workouts are about 45 minutes in month 1 and they really challenge you. You then get 1 week of recovery that consists of less intense workouts and stretching type programs to help your muscles recover. At the end of Month 1 I felt very accomplished and proud of the progress I made. I recommend you enjoy that feeling during the recovery week because Month 2 is no joke. The workouts crank up to under an hour and there is no mercy. I actually felt like I was starting over again. Now don’t let this discourage you. If you are going to invest money in a program, it’s great to know that you can find another set of challenges in the 2nd month.

Shaun T is great as a motivator and instructor. He is constantly encouraging you through the various exercises and he has an in your face approach. His timing is excellent because he seems to know just when you want to take a break and he pushes you through. Another great feature with the DVD’s is the presentation. Shaun T is basically leading a group of people through the program. It’s refreshing to see that some of the people have to take breaks and rest to make it through. It let’s you know we are all human.

I have to admit that Insanity is one of my favorite at home exercise programs. If you like intense challenging programs, look no further. This will challenge you physically and mentally. Remember the phrase DIG DEEPER! You will be doing that for 60 days.

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