Beachbody’s LES MILLS PUMP Equipment Available Now

LES MILLS BODY PUMP  classes are taught in gyms all over the world. Beachbody recently released a fantastic version of this called LES MILLS PUMP which is a home based version of the program. You can read my review here to get a better understanding of the concept and workout.

You do need equipment to use this program and Beachbody provides this when you order your initial package. There are times when you might want to order additional equipment for adding extra weight or having another complete set to utilize with a partner. Beachbody is now offering additional accessories for purchase that really allows you to customize your program and workout with others at the same time.

Barbell Weights – Specifically designed for the LES MILLS PUMP barbell. They are vinyl coated that will never rust, chip or need repainting. They are designed to be gentle on your floors and have unique gripping holes for barless exercises.

Buy Plates Ranging from of 2.5 – 25lbs

Barbell with Speed Safety Clips – Equipped with a padded grip it comes with two quick release safety clips which allows you to quickly switch your weights. This speed is essential to the LES MILLS PUMP program.

Buy Barbell with Speed Safety Clips

Speed Safety Clips – These are designed to hold your plates tightly to the barbell. They are also designed for quick changing of the weights.

Buy Speed Safety Clips

Step with 4 Risers – This height-adjustable and shock-absorbing step is a weight bench, cardio-conditioning tool, and a targeted sculpting platform all in one.

Buy Step with 4 Risers

If you would like to purchase LES MILLS PUMP Base or Deluxe kits, use the links below –


5 Workout Myths Busted by Les Mills Pump

Myth One:To lose weight fast, you need to diet and do a lot of aerobic exercise.

  • Fact: Traditional aerobic training only burns fat but if you combine it with weight training you get a double whammy effect. You shed fat and develop lean muscle at the same time, so you shape and tone faster! Aren’t you in the game to look and feel as good as possible? You’ll get the best results by lifting weights and watching what you eat. The Les Mills Get Lean Nutrition Guide and Shakeology will take care of your diet and nutrition.

Myth Two:The best way to burn a lot of fat and calories is through cardio workouts.

  • Fact: It’s true that cardio exercise burns a lot of calories, but with conventional aerobic training, you stop burning calories when you stop working out. That’s where LES MILLS PUMP is different. When you lift weights, you keep burning calories long after your workout has finished. It’s the proven EPOC effect (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which is a fancy way of saying LES MILLS PUMP helps you boost your metabolism and burn more calories.

Myth Three: Woman get bulky if they lift weights.

  • Fact: Ask any bodybuilder: If you want to get big, you have to lift big and eat big, using low reps and heavy weights. LES MILLS PUMP doesn’t use big weight loads. THE REP EFFECT is based on high repetition with low weights to maximize strength without overbuilding the muscles. Muscle is critical in helping boost the metabolism to maximize fat loss. That’s why lifting weights is crucial to our body transformation. However, you don’t have to get “bodybuilder big” to repeat the benefits.

And truthfully, the vast majority of women simply don’t have enough of the male hormone testosterone to get big muscles.

Myth Four: Gym machines are better for strength training than free weights or barbells.

  • Fact: Fancy gym equipment may be comfortable and sparkle like shiny bling-bling, but as far as performance goes, machines simply isolate the muscle, so you’re not getting any combined synergy from all that effort. When you use barbell weights, as you do with LES MILLS PUMP, you use all your body’s muscles to stabilize–so you’re exercising not just the muscle that’s lifting the weight, but the surrounding muscles, as well as your core and abs. That takes energy (aka fat). LES MILLS PUMP is designed to get you using more muscles at once—which means a quicker path to results.

Myth Five: Women and men need to train differently.

  • Fact: There’s absolutely no reason why women and men can’t train the same way to reach their body transformation goals and get leans and strong. Women can do LES MILLS PUMP to reshape and sculpt their bodies. And men can use LES MILLS PUMP to build a strong, athletic, muscular look. Men and women have different levels of the hormones that are responsible for muscle growth. The basics of weight training—like squats, lunges, curls and dead lifts—are some of the best exercises for everyone. LES MILLS PUMP will help both men and women reach their physique goals.

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Les Mills Pump – Now Available for at Home Training

I have to admit, I’m probably one of the few who had never heard of a Les Mills Body Pump classes. Having been out of the athletic club scene for a while, I didn’t realize this is the most legit training class being taught in gyms around the world. 14,000 clubs in 80 countries teach this program to an audience of 3 million people a week. Apparently Les Mills is a superstar in the fitness world.

The Body Pump classes are designed to give you a total body workout using barbells for 55 minutes a class. It is led by highly qualified instructors and part of the magic is the music. It incorporates current hit music into the program and each song focuses on a body part. A change in song means a change in muscle group focus. This is a great method of keeping you excited and distracted from the hard work you are doing. As one trainer puts it – “A False Perception of Exhaustion”. Your mind doesn’t realize the fatigue due to the music and constant motivation.

A key component to these workouts is called The REP EFFECT™. This training uses light to moderate weight at high repetitions. The results are that you do over 800 reps in 55 minutes. That number breaks down into 80-100 reps per body part. The REP EFFECT™ will give you lean strong muscles and also increase muscle endurance.

Beachbody has partnered with Les Mills to bring the Body Pump classes to your home. Starting December 21st, you will be able to order Les Mills Pump from BeachBody. The program will incorporate the elements of the Body Pump classes while allowing you to work out at home. It is designed to give you lean sculpted muscles in 90 days. The ‘Pump’ or weight training days are 3 days a week and the remaining 3 days are filled with core, abdominal and yoga exercises. The mix of DVD’s is taught by 14 certified Les Mills instructors from around the world to keep it fresh and exciting.

There are 2 packages available –

Les Mills Pump Base Kit – $165.85
• 7 DVDs
• Lean, Strong, & Unstoppable Fitness Guide
• Get Lean Nutrition Guide
• Barbell that breaks down for easy storage
• Barbell safety clips (holds the weights on)
• Two 5-lb. and two 10-lb. weighted plates
• Workout calendar
• 2 bonus workouts
• Free bonus workout only available at Team Beachbody

Les Mills Pump Deluxe Kit – $305.85
• Everything in the Pump Base kit
• 3 additional cardio workouts
• 2 additional 5 pound weights
• Height-adjustable Step. Convenient to use as a weight bench, for cardio-conditioning, and platform for sculpting exercises

Utilizing the Rep Effect in Les Mills Pump, it has been clinically tested that you can burn up to 1000 calories an hour. Plus you will continue to burn fat for 24-48 hours after your workout. Below is a description of the DVD’s in the basic kit.
As intense as these workouts are, they are for everyone. There are weight modifications for a variety of experience levels and you can go at your own pace. It is also designed as a standalone program or you can incorporate another Beachbody cardio based program into it.

It’s very exciting that Beachbody – the number one leader in home based fitness programs has partnered with Les Mills the worldwide leader in gym programs to launch this package. I can’t think of a better way to start 2012 than to “Pump” away the pounds from the year before. Let’s commit to be fit this coming year.

Order the Base Kit Here to Receive Your Free Bonus Workout! 

Order the Deluxe Kit Here to Receive Your Free Bonus Workout!