My Top Benefits from Shakeology

Here are some of my personal benefits I’ve experienced using Shakeology

  • My after 8pm dessert cravings have disappeared. If I do want something sweet, ½ a glass of Shakeology does the trick.
  • I’ve cut back significantly on caffeine. I use to be a heavy morning coffee drinker but after my morning Shakeology, water is all I crave.
  • Increased my energy levels to power through Shaun T’s Insanity and Asylum.
  • No more Diverticulitis. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago, but since I’ve been drinking Shakeology regularly, no more issues. This was the only significant change to my diet.
  • I used to take multiple vitamin pills everyday.  Now I drink a chocolate shake to get my nutrients.
  • My poop is a ‘S’ shape. I know this is disgusting, but according to Dr. OZ (Google- Dr. Oz poop shape), that is how you know you have a healthy balanced diet.
  • Shakeology is a great hangover remedy. I have no factual basis for this one other than I know how I feel the morning after a long night out. One Shakeology the morning after and I feel alive again in about an hour.

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For some additional information from Beachbody –

What is Inside Shakeology?
Essential Amino Acids
Digestive Enzymes
No Caffeine
No Gluten

Results of a 90-day Shakeology research study where users replaced 1 meal a day with Shakeology -

By the end of WEEK ONE
Improved Digestion and Regularity
Reduced Cravings

By the end of WEEK FOUR
Increased energy and stamina
Lost weight
Improved Mental Clarity

By the end of WEEK TWELVE
Lost 10 pounds and 2 inches off waist on average
Reduced risk for heart disease and other digestive diseases
Lowered cholesterol on average by 30% and even up to 70%
Healthier skin, hair, nails

My Favorite Shakeology Recipe is –

1 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology
8-10 oz of Low Fat Coconut Milk (Trader Joe’s)
Coconut Water
½ Frozen Banana
2 Ice Cubes
A Little Peanut Butter (your choice)
Blend away and drink!

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