One on One Workouts with Tony Horton Overview

As much as I love P90X, there are times that I want the same high quality workout but with a little variety. This is where Tony Horton’s fitness DVD’s comes in best for me. For those of you unfamiliar with the workout, for a period of 3 years (2009 – 2011), Beachbody released a workout DVD every month featuring Tony Horton working out at his home gym. These workouts are just Tony working out by himself while Mason Bendewald the camera man videos and acts as a conversation partner for Tony. They released 36 DVD’s in 3 volumes. One on One Volume 3 acted as the testing ground for P90X2.

You can imagine that with 36 ways to get fit at home the variety is pretty staggering. Below is a list of the titles from the One on One Volumes just to give you an idea –

Volume 1
Plyo Legs
Road Warrior
Killer Abs
Just Arms
30/15 – Chest and Back
Fountain of Youth ‘Yoga’
Cardio 5-6 Plus
Mammoth Upper/Middle/Lower
Bun Shaper
Medicine Ball Core Cardio
Recovery For Results
Diamond Delts

Volume 2
Cardio Intervals
Core Ball Sandwich
Patience Hummingbird Yoga
10 Minute Crusher Pack
Butt & Belly
Back & Belly
On One Leg
Mason’s Choice (Cardio Muscle Confusion)
For Legs
Upper Body Balance

Volume 3
Ab Ripper X2
Shoulders & Arms
Base (Legs) & Back
Stretch & Recovery
Core Synergies 2
Upper Body X
P.A.P (Post-Activation Potentiation)
Total Body X

As a way to confuse the muscle confusion in P90X even further, I rotate in the One on One DVD’s.

Easy substitutions are -
P90x Yoga for any of the Yoga Volume 3 above.
P90x Chest/Back with – 30/15 or Chest/Back/Balls.
P90x Plyometrics for – Plyocide or Plyo Legs.
P90x Shoulders and Arms with – Volume 3 Shoulders and Arms or Just Arms followed by Diamond Delts
P90x Legs/Back with – Base/Back or Bun Shaper
Ab Ripper X with – Killer Abs or Ab Ripper X2

The great thing about One on One is the variety and freshness it brings to P90x. Don’t get me wrong, P90X is great and I laugh at the same jokes from Tony Horton every time – “I think I split my pants”, but it is very motivating on those days that you don’t feel like pushing play to throw in something new and different to get the juices flowing.

Now I will give a couple of warning and disclaimers –

  1. If you are not a fan of Tony’s humor or personality, these might be a little tough to go through. He is in unedited, mouth constantly going mode. I personally enjoy it and find it funny and refreshing, but consider that you have been warned.
  2. I have found that the pace of P90X is quicker. These are intense workouts, but because Tony is doing them by himself, he takes some longer breaks then what you will experience in P90X. In fairness to Tony, I can’t imagine how he does these intense workouts while having to explain the exercises as well.
  3. Lastly in my opinion, like P90X or Insanity, a lot of these are for people who are in the intermediate to advance stages of their fitness. However, Tony does discuss ways to modify during a lot of the programs.

Now after this, you are ready for P90X2!

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