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Own Your Life!

When I first heard the phrase “Own Your Life”, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. I felt I did own it (after all it is my life). I was in a comfortable place with a good job and things felt on track. That all changed when I heard the question – Would you like to have better health with more time and money to do the things you would like to do? That question hit home because it spoke to having the time to do the things you enjoy in life with money not being the main concern. It also speaks to being at a point in life that you are healthy enough to enjoy that time.

A lot of us were taught to get good grades in school. Our parents told us “if you work hard and get good grades, you will be accepted into a good college”. Then you hopefully land a nice job with a company that you can grow with and move up the corporate ladder. That job will provide you steady income and security through your working years. After 40+ years, you comfortably retire and start living life.

This plan was OK in the age of the big companies that offered stability. Now we are in a technology age where information moves faster, jobs are automated or outsourced and companies are downsizing for efficiency. Stability is questionable and this plan is shaky. You don’t Own Your Life!

If you follow the plan above, you might land a job where you work 40-60 hours a week for someone else. Granted you get compensated for that time, but the company reaps the rewards of your efforts. You spend a lot of time at your job, working, commuting and missing out on all the joy around you. Once you finally hit retirement, you might have social security, a pension and 401K to live off of, but at 62 – 65 years old, are you in the best health and shape to finally enjoy all of the things you have missed for the past 40 years? Did you Own Your Life?

I may have just painted a bleak picture of what the majority of people do on a daily basis. I’m not trying to insult how anyone makes a living and I actually believe the majority of people are fine following the path above. There are also those that recognize the path and would like to get off, but they are not willing to jump outside of their comfort zone. This article is for those that are ready to make a change, willing to explore an alternate route and Own Your Life!

Network Marketing is a great business model that allows you to Own Your Life. It is $200 Billion + industry and continuously growing. It gives you the satisfaction of taking products you enjoy and sharing that experience with other people. One of the most gratifying aspects is that you are truly helping other people in their lives either through introducing them to great products or financially by helping them understand and participate in the model.

It has made a major change in my outlook on life and my family’s future. If you are interested in learning more and finding a way to Own Your Life, please contact me or follow the links below.

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