Shaun T’s Deluxe Upper Body Weight Training Review

So I just finished doing Shaun T’s Insanity Upper Body Weight Training and I’m left wondering – What just happened to me? How can I be this exhausted and drenched just from lifting weights?

Upper Body Weight Training comes with the Insanity ‘Deluxe’ package and is a weight-based program that gets the Insanity treatment.

Those of you that are not familiar with Insanity, can read my full review here.

When you order the Deluxe package, you get 3 additional DVD’s –

Upper Body Weight Training
MAX Interval Sports Training
Insane Abs

Usually when I lift weights, it’s do a rep, rest, do another rep, rest and it usually goes on like that for an hour. Shaun T has decided that the rest is overrated and I think he gives you a generous 5-6 minutes total in the 47 min workout.

After a ‘Warm-Up”, you will progress through 4 exercise segments which you repeat 3 times for reps of 12, 10, 8. The sequence of exercise’s in Upper Body Weight Training are –

Warm-up (2 Sets)

  • Speed Jog
  • Jump Rope
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Heisman
  • Power Hooks


Round 1 (3 Sets)

  • 360 Shoulder Press
  • Pulse Bicep Curls
  • In/Out Abs with a Tricep Pushup
  • Floor Sprints

Round 2 (3 Sets)

  • Squat Bicep Curls
  • 180 Lat Raises
  • Elevated Tricep Dips
  • Power Jumps

Round 3 (3 Sets)

  • Full Rotation Flies
  • Push up with a Front Raise
  • High Knee with a Twist

Round 4 (3 Sets)

  • Chest Press with Leg Raises
  • Bent Over Rows with Flies
  • Ski Abs

Then you get to pass out!

In all seriousness Upper Body Weight Training is a great lifting program. It’s pacing fits right in with Insanity and is a great compliment to that if you want to add it in 2-3 times a week. You not only get a lifting workout, but by the time it is over you know you burned a lot of calories and squeezed your cardio in as well.

Unlike the other Insanity programs, you will need some dumbells and a bench to get the most out of this workout. I highly recommend this and both of the other DVD’s in the deluxe package. The added variety will help you push play that much longer.

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